Three Publishing Resources

Completing a book is a daunting task, requiring expertise in design and writing. Experienced professionals give attention to every detail to ensure the product is polished and professional. Our team compiled a general list of resources to assist our website visitors in enhancing the publishing and writing process.

Here are three ways writers and publishers may find help to enhance a book project.

Gig websites

Freelance websites offer a wealth of talent for publishers who require experienced writers and editors to complete a well-written manuscript or non-fiction work. An online search for the top freelance sites will produce a list of websites, which offer online services to consumers.

These services often showcase reviews from current users who’ve worked with individual freelancers. A publisher may post a gig or job to receive responses from freelance workers, or they may peruse profiles to choose a candidate who has experience with writing, design, or publishing.

DIY Platforms

Self-publishing platforms give new and veteran writers options for publishing outside of traditional publishers. In fact, self-publishing has overtaken traditional publishing in terms of the number of books published annually. These websites offer authors a wide range of services, including cover design, editing, and distribution options.

The platforms partner with an individual writer, and both parties share in the book’s revenue. Reviewing the terms and conditions at multiple self-publishing platforms will help the author decide which one best meets their needs. Checking reviews is also important to ensure that the self-publishing website is actually paying agreed-upon royalties to its authors.

Local Business

Local business organizations, like the Chamber of Commerce, maintains listings of creative businesses. These companies have brick and mortar establishments providing creative editing and design services to writers and publishers. Choosing local workers adds a personal touch to the interaction and supports the local economy.