New Texts Define Legal Gambling Requirements

Complex laws are redefining what it means to run a gambling establishment. In the changing legal landscape, video game websites must now follow guidelines to avoid being labeled as an online casino legal in USA business.

For publishers, these new laws represent an opportunity to provide books outlining the rules for businesses, which accept money from users who participate in online gaming. Here are a few reasons legal books are popular in the gaming industry.


Gaming websites hold tournaments all the time. Players of popular games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Dota 2, meet online to compete for money and prizes.

Online tournaments that charge players money to participate may unknowingly run an illegal gambling operation if they accept an entrance fee for the tournament and use that money to pay a large prize to the winner. Governing bodies consider online entrance fees a gamble when a player takes a chance on a bigger payout, similar to games at online casinos.

Land-based tournaments are not under the same restrictions and may charge a tournament entrance fee and payout a prize without running afoul of laws governing gambling. Each state has its own casino oversight, and laws may vary from region to region.


Esports is a skyrocketing market, expected to grow to nearly $7 billion in value by 2027. Predicted to surpass the movie market in the near future, esports players are growing in popularity akin to Hollywood stars.

As corporations, governments, and educational institutions flock to participate in the esports market, contracts are necessary to ensure that the rights and money of the players are protected.