About Writing and Publishing

At Michelkin, we develop content and compile valuable resources to help authors and publishers bring a book to the market. More than 2 million books are published annually worldwide. This whopping $143 billion market continues to grow.

Consumers are buying both printed books and eBooks from online websites, land-based bookstores, and distributors. For publishers, the book market offers endless opportunities for growth. Our website is a guide, providing information for visitors who seek up-to-date news and guidance for writing and publishing print and digital content.


Authors don’t have to complete the process alone, and our website points entrepreneurs and executives in the right direction for help. Whether a publisher needs an editor or a graphic designer, we’ve got you covered. By listing the most popular places to find creative freelancers for help with a book or manuscript, we’ve simplified the process.


Publishing resources help writers to complete a book by working with subject-matter experts to complete developmental editing or formatting. A dynamic, polished design helps the book compete against the millions of other novels on the shelves.

Experienced professionals ensure that a manuscript has an attention-grabbing cover design and that the content is crisp and clean.


Finally, the book is finished! It’s time to sell it to the consumer. Book distribution is complex and may involve a number of different stakeholders to ensure the book’s success in the marketplace. From self-publishing websites to traditional publishers, distribution allows the publisher and author to make money.

A publisher must decide which distribution channels are most advantageous. Our content clarifies the different distribution options, giving authors in-depth information to research and make informed decisions.


Publishing a book often involves collaboration between multiple people and companies. Contract agreements ensure that everyone understands the expectations. Our website gives information to help writers understand the necessity for contracts during the publishing process, as well as up-to-date information about new requirements in digital and print publishing.